Our Story

SassySpud was created from a passion for Veganism and spreading awareness...but also from a deep love for Hummus.

We believe clothes are a great billboard to promote Veganism and the positive impact a cruelty free lifestyle can have on the planet, the animals and your health. 

At SassySpud we choose to create our designs with a little humour or sass added, which we feel helps lighten the mood around a more serious topic.

So if you feel like being a walking billboard, come join us! And raise more awareness about how Hummus (and a plant based diet) does a body good, save’s animal’s lives, and helps protect our Planet.  



  • Ethically produced in 100% Sweatshop free Environments
  • Printed using vegan, eco friendly inks, using a printing process that uses 7 times less water than standard fabric dyeing
  • Shipped in recyclable & biodegradable packaging
  • Proud to be a full Vegan Irish Brand